1966 Land Rover Series 2A 109 LWB. The Tray Back # 190 

1966 Land Rover Series 2A 109 LWB. The Tray Back # 190 


1966 Land Rover Series 2A 109  LWB. The Tray Back # 190 

V5 present 

New Richard galvanised chassis painted black with receipt £2130. Chassis correctly identified and stamped with chassis number body plate.
Runs and drives well. 
Fairey overdrive with correct 4 speed box.
Would benefit from some light refettling and tweaking.
Lovely simple project. A real head turner. Great publicity/promotional vehicle or workhorse. 
Full of charm. No tax to pay! No MOT…how cool is that? 

Description from previous owner is accurate and informative:

I purchased this vehicle in May of 2019 with the very best intentions, however the very imminent arrival of new addition to the family is forcing my hand…… damn kids

* New Richards galvanised chassis. 

* Fairy overdrive. 

* Running 2.25 petrol engine. 

* Truck cab body. 

* Fully operational Series gearbox and transfer box. 

* Fabricated dropside tray back body. 

* Solid bulkhead including footwells and floor.
* Two solid doors and door tops. 

* Salisbury rear axle. 

* New radiator and pipe work. 


I’m sure there are bits I have forgotten, but please feel free to ask any questions and I will respond as promptly and accurately as I can. The pictures tell the story and I can only add to the rest. 

It was driving 6 months ago, but i would not take my kids out in it. The engine has a slight miss due to the blow on the exhaust manifold, the doors shut like an old land rover…. badly (most likely due too there being two top hinges on one side and two bottoms on the other). The fuel gauge works intermittently as the temp gauge also does. The speedo isn’t working (due to the new cable sitting in my kitchen). The heater motor is in the bucket of spares, but there is a nice new heater valve fitted along with some new rad hoses and a lift pump and other misc. parts. Also seems to enjoy turning right much more than left, however, I’m assuming the steering box wasn’t centered when it was swapped to the new chassis by the previous owner, and nothing to do with it’s political views. I would also recommend a good tune up and service, along with a brake check before running as I would never wish for anyone to get hurt playing with old cars like this. The brakes worked well enough when I was driving it last and I haven’t so much as looked at the plugs or condenser as it was running remarkably well. A video of this running is available if you so wish to view it. 

Don’t be perturbed, this is one fantastic looking old truck with a great patina that leaves me grinning every time I leave the house and see it, let alone fire it up and drive it. I was driving this on a 35-mile round trip every day for 3 months and never had an issue, even with the added weight of an obscenely large Union Jack flying from the back to everyone’s delight…. Well, mine at very least. I may have also been heard shouting * THE EMPIRE! * whilst driving, but please don’t feel the need to follow suit.”


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