Land Rover Series 2a 109″ Rare Safari station wagon is very original condition. “Snowy” #170

Land Rover Series 2a 109″ Rare Safari station wagon is very original condition. “Snowy” #170

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Land Rover Series 2a 109″. 1970/’72. Rare Safari station wagon is very original condition. “Snowy”  #170

More patina than paintwork, Snowy has all the charm of frilly knickers.

Original petrol engine with replacement carburettor.
Equipped for long-distance travel, and with the capacity to accommodate a large Catholic family or a tribe of Maasai, snowy was imported from distant climes in its early life, to lead a more sedate existence in the United Kingdom from 1979.

This vehicle is extremely original and will need mechanical refettling. Fitted with the 2.25 petrol engine and registered as historic vehicle, it is eligible to thrust its way through the pollution barrier and enter the ULEZ  zones free and for nothing for the foreseeable future. Exempt from tax or MOT, ever increasing in value “Snowy” will offer hours of driving pleasure to the astute investor, Land Rover enthusiast or tightwad who is looking for inexpensive motoring with lots of charm.

Mechanically this vehicle will need reinstating, and the chassis will need cleaning.

Any inspection welcome.

V 5 present.

We offer a door-to-door delivery service.

You can view the YouTube video here:

Genuine and correctly registered 12 seater.

3 in a row x2, and rear bench seats finished in black vinyl.

Bonnet mounted spare. 

Rear tow bar and wiring. 

Galvanised Brownchurch Roof Rack.

Galvanised Front Bumper with tow bar and NATO style front Pintle.

Optional Alpine roof windows.

The interior will need refurbishing, as can be seen from the photos.

The paint work is heavily patinated but in our view not at all offensive to the eye.

Runs and drives extremely smoothly and would benefit from a re commissioning service.

With a little work and a Savannah backdrop this car could be your own iconic station wagon fit to adorn the cover of any adventure novel.
Our workshops offer a full restoration service. Estimates on request.


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