Series 3 / 2a 1973 Pickup #168

Series 3 / 2a 1973 Pickup #168

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This lovely 1973 Series 2A / 3 109 petrol as being the object of extensive refurbishment and has an excellent provenance.

It is believed to have a genuine 39,000 miles from new.

Registered as a historic vehicle this truck is extremely genuine and has been the object of extensive refurbishment.

The previous owner was a teacher in an engineering department and its restoration was the object of extensive hours of labour.

Invoices for the complete rebuild of the engine are file, and include big end shells, pistons, gaskets brake pipes, wheel cylinders, brake shoes, plus a cylinder, brake hoses, and numerous other components that has been replaced.

The list includes:

Valve springs.

Piston rings.

Main bearings.

Big end shells.

Gasket set and timing cover seal.

Timing chain and tensioner.

Oil and filter.

V belt.

Brake shoes and cylinders and adjusters.

All 3 flexing hoses.

Brake fluid.

Copper pipe and fittings.

Fuel tank in sender.

Wheels and tyres.

Lamps and mirrors.

Isolator switch.

Engine mounts.

Exhaust system.

Clutch slave cylinder.

The general condition of the vehicle is genuine and “unmolested”.

There is some very light corrosion on the bulkhead and the offside rear suspension hanger would benefit from light reinforcement.

This vehicle is MOT and road tax exempt (registered as historic vehicle) and is eligible for free circulation in the London ULEZ.

The vehicle as light damage to the rear offside quarter and offside cross member extension.

Otherwise the vehicle is structurally sound, and the actual chassis structure is completely uncompromised.

There is some light corrosion in the door bottoms, which can be seen in pictures.

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