Arrow Works

The man in glasses third row from the rear is Phil Harmonique, our in-house mechanic.

Before retiring to India after being mistaken for Bill Gates, the double glazing salesman. Phil discovered his passion for Land Rovers when polishing hookahs in the Himalayas. After a very nervous breakdown in an early Series 3, he returned to the United Kingdom with his partner, Sandy Clause (red headscarf, last row), the renowned trick cyclist and sex mechanic, aka the “Midget with the Digit”. If anybody should know of the whereabouts of Sandy, Phil would be delighted if he/she could reach out to him.

Phil supervises our engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, steering and brake system rebuilds. With about 40 years’ experience repairing British cars, his favourite words are “Landrover”, “parts”, “genuine” and “new”, in any particular order. Phil is fully in touch with his feminine side, as can be seen from the fact that he is attracted to shiny objects. His wife is particularly bright…

Stay tuned for a presentation of Pete Müller, our-in house go-to guy, bon-viveur, retired playboy and former rock star.

Also known as Meat Puller, Pete spent his early years as the body double for a certain blonde Status Quo musician. In these heady pre-Viagra days, the demanding role of sex icon could take its toll, and this is where Pete would step in and stand up and be counted. After many years of strenuous commitment and diligent application of prowess and a high income to high rolling aerobics, Pete decided that a life of spending time and money on women , s*x, dr*gs and fast cars (the rest was wasted) should be slightly more focused. He now applies himself to the more esoteric skillset of Land Rover preparation. You can see Pete in the top left back row. Pete no longer gives autographs, samples of any body fluids whether it be for paternity tests or AI procedures. If you are aged between 16 and 26 and your mother said she had a fling with a man called Rick P and that you should try and find your father… please do not importune Pete. He’s a lovely chap, but parenting is no longer his thing and if you ask him how he likes children he’ll probably answer ” fried or boiled, I don’t mind”.

Coming up next in our exciting episode of “meet the team”: Mysterious Meg… See if you can spot her in the picture, and track down her background. Email us with your best guess and the winner wins an Arrow Works t-shirt. Email us on Call or WhatsApp: +447706574136
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