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Fiat Panda 4×4 Grey petrol 999cc 50 brake horsepower 1986 118000 miles from new. Rare Sisley* model #353

Fiat Panda 4×4 Grey petrol 999cc 50 brake horsepower 1986 118000 miles from new. Rare Sisley* model #353


Fiat Panda 4×4 Grey petrol 999cc 50 brake horsepower 1986 118000 miles from new.

Rare Sisley* model #353

Very few right-hand drive models were sold in the United Kingdom, and this is one of the few survivors. Equipped with the excellent four-wheel drivetrain built by Steyr Daimler Puch who have years of experience producing really serious off-roaders for the military and the emergency services.

Powered by Fiat’s 999cc FIRE engine the Sisley is also a great car to drive on the road. The power may not be massive (45bhp) but the engine is free-revving, virtually indestructible, and mated to a semi-close-ratio gearbox that encourages spirited driving.

The Sisley was the dressed-up version of Fiat’s go-anywhere Lilliputian off-roader. Anyone with any real experience of them will know just how handy they are across rough terrain, capable of going places that the current crop of overgrown urban tractors can only dream about.

UPDATE 12/12/21: Hello and Seasons Greetings!

We have been bombarded by about 90 people in the last 24 hours, so I will try and answer some questions:

Is it an original right hand drive?: yes
is it matching numbers?: yes
Is it an original Sisley ? :as far as I know yes, but I’m not an expert. If you think it isn’t ,and you only want a Sisley please check. We’ve had a message from the gentleman who worked at  the distributor whose name can be seen on the front number plate, and he remembers selling them like this.
The UK  Sisley* Fiat Pandas 4×4 just had Panda 4X4 on the log book, as this one does. It’s a genuine Fiat Panda 4×4. If you don’t think it is, don’t buy it.

Will we  take £2000 pounds for the drive train?: no, this car runs and drives , it may need a new fuel pump fitting, One is supplied with it, but there’s a small leak in the petrol line, so I’m not going to break it.
Can I drive it home?: you can do what you like with it when you’ve paid for it, but it hasn’t got an MOT.
Can we deliver it?: yes we can. Read what it says below, EBay should do a Braille version of their site. Delivery for a car of this size will cost £1.25 per mile from CT15 5JS, that, in case there are any intellectually challenged EBuyers out there, is a post code. Go to Google Maps, put your post code in the route planner box and our post code in the destination and click on the go button , that will tell you the mileage. You then multiply that by 1.25 and that will give you the cost in pounds sterling of the transport. If you can’t do that you probably won’t be able to read this advert, so hopefully you won’t call me. To quote John Wayne ” life is tough, it’s even tougher when you’re stupid”. 😉
Here is some more useful information: you can buy everything for this car brand new, there is a specialist supplier in the UK and a specialist in Germany. You can even buy the correct pattern over carpets, bull bars , alloy wheels, roof rack, ski rack, tow bar and all the other stuff that they were accessorised with on the later models.
We on Land Rover specialists, and I bought it because I think it’s a really cool car and I know that they sell for between £25 and £30,000  properly restored. They are cheap and easy to restore. The parts cost peanuts. they are cheap to run, and they are a laugh to drive about in. I’m selling it because I won’t have time to get round to restoring it for at least another year and it’s cluttering up a corner of our workshop.
I haven’t advertised it because I want to talk about Pandas. If I wanted to do that I would keep it and I’d go to a panda 4×4 meeting. It is advertised to sell. If I want a chat I’ll go on Tinder.

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