Ford Cougar 2001 Auto Silver “The Silverstone” #253

Ford Cougar 2001 Auto Silver “The Silverstone” #253


Ford Cougar 2001 Auto Silver “The Silverstone” #253

Believed to be the lowest mileage example of this Ford fanatics classic, this Ford Cougar has covered a genuine 21,000 miles from new. Automatic gearbox, alloy wheels with all the usual high-end Ford accessories, this deluxe sports coupe is a “must have” for the serious classic Ford collector.

Destined by the Ford design team as a replacement for the Capri, the Cougar was the flagship of “New Edge” design, introduced by Jack Telnack, which initially raised a few eyebrows, but nonetheless went on to be applied right across the Ford range and indeed the rest of the car industry, unless you were working for Skoda, whose design inspiration was modelled on a skip sculpted with a blunt chainsaw.

Built in the Ford factory in the USA, (adding to the collectability of the model) and finished in Ford’s Cologne factory in Germany, this unique model is identical to that driven by Dennis Hopper of “Easy Rider” fame when the car was launched in 1998 and the English Grand Prix, Silverstone.
Production ceased in August 2002, and less than 12,000 units were sold in the UK.
Few remain, and we are informed that there are none with such low mileage on the market today.
Image from our archives. Photos to follow.

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