Land Rover 110 “Snatch” 1993 2.5 300 TDi in Desert Camo #261

Land Rover 110 “Snatch” 1993 2.5 300 TDi in Desert Camo #261


Land Rover 110 “Snatch 3” 1993 2.5 300 TDI in Desert CAMO #261

A clue to the history of the “Snatch” Land Rover is in the name.
Officially designated Truck Utility Medium (TUM) with Vehicle Protection Kit (VPK) this model is more widely known, even in official documentation by its informal title the “Snatch”, a reference to the troubles in Northern Ireland, where it was the vehicle of choice to go and pluck out, (“arresting”) supposed ringleaders of the riots, take them to a reinforced, concrete clad and barbed wire fenced police station and beat the living crap out of them.    This was known as peacekeeping.
Without going into too much technical detail, the vehicles were basically an armoured box produced at vast expense to the taxpayer, in which there was a driver and co-pilot (with a gun rack mounted above his head), who were protected by a separate heavy duty internal grille and inward facing rear seat with a radio and comms operator who sat behind a special curtain, and behind that were seats in which sat the snatch squad, with one empty seat with a special bondage harness into which was thrown and strapped the Paddy who was suspected of inciting those throwing petrol bombs and rocks at the poor sods in the back who joined up thinking they were going to be fighting for King and country. The use of the Snatch in Afghanistan and Iraq (for which this vehicle was equipped) proved to be only relatively successful in offering protection against IADs, hence its 2nd nickname: “Mobile Coffin”.

Nonetheless it remains one of the most sought-after articles of mobile militaria and is an iconic and usable landmark in Land Rovers history, as well as being a sure-fire investment.
Fully rebuilt by the MoD in 2005!
Technical specifications
built on a heavy duty military spec reinforced 110 chassis
entirely clad with CAMAC composite armour
later version retrofitted with 300 TDI 2.5 turbodiesel engine
fully equipped with BOWMAN radios (extremely rare) option
full Eberspacher air-conditioning
electronic timed armoured remote rear door catch
safety locks
front and side grills
new denim twill front seats
heavy duty Storage Solutions locking handgun cabinet
gun racks
pull-up front and side grills
pylon barbed wire cutter
plexiglass slide back observation turret
roof mounted remote directable top spotlight
full com system switches
double air-conditioning
front bull bar
Rock guard steering rack protection
heavy duty steel wheels
new tyres
Snow cowl
Sand filters
checker plate wing tops and bonnets
heavy duty towing eyes
heavy duty stainless steel screen washer jets
full camo netting
double armoured bullet-proof rear viewing windows
salad basket rear light covers
fold down jump in step
rear NATO hitch
convoy rear bumpers
night reflectors
double bolt security system
show quality paint

drives faultlessly. Any inspection welcome. V5 present.
clean bill of health from MoD before discharge (no accidents, no repairs)

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  • Adjustable Tow Bar
  • Approved US Export
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Central locking
  • Electric side mirror
  • HPI clear
  • Limited Edition
  • NO VAT
  • Panoramic roof
  • Particulate filter
  • Privacy glass
  • Rear Bench Seat
  • Sunroof
  • Tow Bar
  • V5 Present
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