Land Rover 90 Hardtop Van 1985 “The Washington” #230

Land Rover 90 Hardtop Van 1985 “The Washington” #230


Land Rover 90 hardtop Van 1985 “The Washington” #230

This vehicle, first registered in 1985 as a 2.5 19 J diesel, has been professionally converted to the 3.9 V8 petrol drivetrain with LT 77 5 speed manual gearbox by its previous professional garagiste owner.

Shod with Silver boost alloys, and finished in Bonatti Grey, the truck sports checker plate bonnet, wing tops and sill covers. Discreet (for the partially sighted) signwriting gives us a clue as to the vehicles provenance, and will reassure its new owners that the vehicle has been correctly maintained mechanically.
We are assured that this excellent trucks fuel consumption is as moderate as a gaggle of drunks who have given up on Alcoholics Anonymous and have had their heads dipped in a barrel of bitter.

The reassuring burble of the powerful V8 engine mated to its sports exhaust should enchant the neighbours and be sufficient to drown out any wittering or whining from any Land Rover non-aficionados that the driver may have been obliged to take on board.
A perfect truck for ram raiding or pulling cash machines out of walls.
Ski masks provided.

New MOT. V5 present.

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  • V5 Present
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