Land Rover Defender series 3 88 Petrol #25

Land Rover Defender series 3 88 Petrol #25


Land Rover Defender series 3 88 Petrol #25

This 88 inch petrol short wheelbase Series 3 benefits from having led a sheltered country life before being stored for many years, hence its low mileage.

Retrieved from a barn a few years ago by enthusiast, this vehicle has been bought with a view to being the object of a complete chassis up restoration.

The desirable factory original 2.25 petrol engine model, mated to an excellent four-speed high low ratio gearbox is being completely rebuilt including a fully professionally refurbished cylinder head with new valves and valve seats modified so that the vehicle may run on unleaded petrol.

The bodywork, which is presented today in bronze green, will be stripped back to the original colour of the vehicle, which was still green, the early equivalent of Keswick green, so popular on the “revival” model, once the entire bodywork is been removed from the chassis, which will be entirely refurbished and rewired.

All the instruments, suspension, breaking, electrical system, bearings, joints and seals will be entirely revised.

Today the car is fitted with its original cream steel rims, but we will be replacing these with new slightly broader modular silver steel 16″ wheels.

Fitted with the original factory hardtop with side windows, the vehicle will be offered with the possibility of a new handstitched tan canvas tilt with side windows.

This vehicle is eminently exportable to the USA, being in conformity with the export regulations.

The restoration specifications can be modified to accommodate a client’s particular specifications, whether they be a particular choice of colour or any bespoke mechanical or cosmetic upgrades desired.

Why not call us to discuss your requirements and plan international shipping straight to your garage?

Chassis 90110477A
Engine 90168585B


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