Land Rover Lightweight “The Portsmouth” #183

Land Rover Lightweight “The Portsmouth” #183


This rare and late example of a Lightweight retains lots of original features including the dash mounted heater unit, the correct instruments, switches and late model ignition lock. It features the “garden gate” double convoy front bumpers and the screw off sidelight lenses.

The vehicle is 12 V, and has its original cross member with NATO hitch.

Chassis number 24137853G designates one of the later model types before the transition to the less rare Series III Lightweight.

Fitted with the “catflap” rear door, and aftermarket heavy duty Wella wheels (matching set of 5) the truck is also equipped with a hard top and rear inward facing bench seats. The vehicle is equipped with its correct 2.25 petrol engine and comes with a set of spare keys.

It is also fitted with the Deluxe version of the civilian Series seats with the unusual option of headrests.

All the correct fittings are present for reversion to a soft top convertible.

Close inspection of the photographs will reveal the original keys benefit from an extremely tasteful keyring. The aftermarket “Safari” type Brownchurch roof rack provides added load carrying capacity and is eminently suited to transporting irritating partners once the restoration is complete.
Tie-downs are provided free for this purpose.
V5 applied for.
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