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Land Rover Series 3 88 inch 4 cylinder petrol hardtop “the Vintage” # 422

Land Rover Series 3 88 inch 4 cylinder petrol hardtop “the Vintage” # 422

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Land Rover Series 3 88 inch 4 cylinder petrol hardtop 1972 “The Vintage” # 422

Having covered a mere 71,000 miles in its entire life and in the same ownership for the last 23 years, this very original Series 3 Land Rover Petrol 88” hard top is the perfect project and merits its nickname “Vintage”.

Used daily by its previous owner until the carburettor he had been diligently cleaning was accidentally thrown away, the moral of that story is do not use your mother’s kitchen draining board as a workshop facility.
Fortunately, a new carburettor can be purchased for less than £75 on eBay today.

The psychological impact on the previous owner has taken years to overcome , particularly when he was curtly informed that he could not use the dishwasher as a parts degreaser (some people just don’t understand, and I’m talking about his mum. Free tip: if you put a double dose of dishwasher tablet and turn your dishwasher to max, the result is amazing, particularly on things like cylinder heads and relationships, the cylinder heads look as though they’ve been soda blasted, and your partner will go ballistic).

The vehicle was last MOTied in 2007 and this is substantiated by records at DVLA.
Its total annual average mileage equates to 1450 miles per year, so we have to thank an overly house-proud mother for the opportunity to purchase an incredibly low mileage Series.
The vehicle is fitted with extremely rare Land Rover branded free wheeling hubs and a Fairey OverDrive.

After sitting for 14 years as an awkward reminder that some don’t quite have the same attitude to Land Rover restoration, the decision was made to liberate valuable garage space and we are now fortunate enough to offer this vehicle an opportunity to rise again and test the patience of long suffering partners who don’t understand Land Rovers.
This vehicle is ULEZ compliant, registered as a historic vehicle, and is supplied with its V5 and keys, rotating wheels, see-through windscreen, and 2 sticky platers for your knuckles.

The engine turns freely, and the vehicle drove perfectly (for a Land Rover) until it’s carburettor misadventure.

The vehicle is fitted with three in a row deluxe cloth seats which were an expensive option at the time station wagon style sliding side windows and double rear bench seats.

The previous owner replaced the rear cross member, but as can be seen from the photos this would benefit from being replaced again.
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-tZ0M5Aiv6Q
No humans were harmed during the making of this video.

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Land Rovers: a definition: A loosely associated collection of parts, generally traveling in the same direction.



  • 4 Speed
  • Accident Free
  • All Terrain tyres
  • Approved US Export
  • Clear Title
  • Finance
  • Free-Wheeling Hubs
  • Fully independent report on request
  • Hi Lo Ratio Transfer Case
  • HPI clear
  • International shipping
  • Locking differentials
  • Nationwide delivery
  • NO VAT
  • Overdrive
  • Tow Bar
  • ULEZ Compliant
  • V5 Present
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