Land Rover Series 2a 1970 The Arc 3 88 Diesel #397

Land Rover Series 2a 1970 The Arc 3 88 Diesel #397

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Land Rover Series 2a 1970 The Arc 3 88 Diesel #397

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The Series IIA models were introduced in 1961 and were strictly evolutions of the Series II types. They took their name from a change in the Land Rover chassis numbering system. Instead of a new prefix code for every model-year, there was now a suffix letter which changed whenever important specification changes were made. The first vehicles with this new system had an A suffix, and so became Series IIA models. As the code letters changed, however (finishing at H in 1971), the model-type illogically remained unchanged as Series IIA! There were two major phases of Series IIA production. Early models had their headlights in the grille, but with the Suffix G models in April 1969 came a switch to wing-mounted headlights. Briefly overlapping the end of the “headlights in grille” period came a transitional specification for the North American market, which is explained below. The 88-inch Series IIA models were available with either the 2.25-litre petrol engine first seen in the Series II types, or with a new diesel engine, enlarged to 2.25 litres from the 2-litre Series II type. The final examples (Suffix H from February 1971) had an all-synchromesh gearbox. Most IIAs came in Bronze Green, but there were six other colours: Beige, Dark Grey, Light Green, Light Grey, Marine Blue and Poppy Red, the latter for fire engines. Seats were grey until October 1968, when they switched to black. There were 151,820 88-inch Series IIA models (including all Station Wagons). Diesel engines were fitted to just 28,109 (about 18.5 percent) of that total.

 This particular example comes with its V5, spare keys, free Wheeling hubs, factory hard top with side windows, galvanised bumper,  factory optional heating, PTO throttle,  window demisters with flexible hoses, deluxe steering wheel with centre horn push and original indicators, razor edge bonnet with bonnet spare wheel mountings, original instruments and dashboard, three in a row seats, fold down rear step, side lifting handles, basket light projectors, worklight, and is one of the rare G models produced after 1969 when wing mounted headlights.

The vehicle has it’s original grill and winter radiator cover as well as RAC badge.
Turns over freely. Gearbox selects cleanly.

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