Morris 1000 Convertible 1968 “Jack” #260

Morris 1000 Convertible 1968 “Jack” #260

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Morris 1000 Convertible 1968 “Jack” Stock Number 260

”Because black cars matter”
1968, supposedly one of the most important years in modern American history, with the Yanks orbiting the moon, assassinating political leaders and all sorts of transatlantic shenanigans, here in Britain we had our eye firmly on the ball: the Ford Escort was introduced to replace the Anglia, Gardeners World with Percy Thrower made its debut, Harold Wilson, pipe smoker and man of the people launches “I’m backing Britain” encouraging workers to work extra time without pay (that worked a treat, not), Northampton is designated a “new town” with the Wilson government hoping to double its size and population by 1980. All he needed to do was slash the price of beer and triple the price of condoms. Andrew Lloyd Webber started accruing his millions with the launch of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, whatever that was about, the Pound nosedives and Wilson suspends gold trading on the stock market in the emergency, but couldn’t convene the meeting because they can’t find the Foreign Secretary, George Brown, who apparently was too pissed up to be located in time for the meeting. He was probably in Northampton contributing to population enlargement.
Britain performs its first heart transplant operation on Fred West (not that one, another one). We are all going to live forever!
London Bridge is sold to an American… (Who initially thought he was buying Tower Bridge) and was rebuilt in Arizona. Some smart arse tried to sell him Buckingham Palace, but once bitten, twice shy.

Alec Rose returns from a 354 single handed circumnavigation of the globe and gets a knighthood the next day. Stinking of tinned sardines, he gets told off for leaving salt water puddles in Buckingham Palace. (The Americans have just circumnavigated the moon, okay, not single-handed and not in a wooden sailing boat, but you get my point).
In August there is the first Isle of Wight Festival: rock and blues icons from all over the world congregate and it’s agreed that music can change society, if we can figure out how to get out of the smoke filled and LSD blurred tent, and didn’t keep falling over when walking in a sleeping bag.
Censorship in the theatre is ended: Hair, the musical is launched: loads of hippies with tie-dyed meat and 2 veg dangling about and singing whilst running around the stage.
The heart transplant dude dies after 34 days… We are not going to live forever..
Enoch Powell goes on about the rivers of blood: I’m not going there…
An important one: Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and John Surtees take first 3 places of the United States Grand Prix… that will show them..
Oh yes, here’s a landmark event: the M1 is finally completed when the final 35 mile section opens between Rotherham and Leeds. Fears of an invasion of disgruntled flat-capped Northerners streaming down to the wealthy south to steal jobs prove unfounded when they reach the south Midlands, and turn on their heels muttering something about “soppy southerners, sh*te beer and they are all soft down there”. The People’s Republic of Yorkshire is founded, a bit like Texas, but with more ferrets and less oil.

In the meantime….  whilst BMC is producing the Morris 1000, an unknown carmaker called Nissan launches a range of cars called Datsun onto the British market… good luck with that then.

A star is born… And its topless!

Acquired by its previous owner, a serious Morris collector and aficionado in July 2018, travelling via Weymouth and Gloucestershire, “Black Jack” has an excellent provenance and, as the photos and video testify, been “fully sorted” over a period of 4 years.
A massive sheath of MOT’s and invoices come with the car, as well as a detailed list of recent work carried out along with the original BMC Morris 1000 owner’s handbook, autographed by Harold Wilson, Jackie Stewart, John Surtees, Enoch Powell, a heart surgeon and a Yorkshireman who didn’t listen to his mates.
A rare find.
Very recent work includes completely new front suspension including new trunnion’s (worn trunnions can be very painful), swivel pins, kingpins and complete repulsion of the suspension. The dynamo has been upgraded to an alternator system. Electrical system is now negative, which is much more convenient. The brakes have been entirely overhauled, whilst retaining the drum system, and function with alacrity, which is very useful for silencing the mother-in-law: a quick emergency stop brake test should propel her nicely out of the back seat (just tell her the seat belts are fitted in the rear only fit children).
”Jack” is also fitted with a couple of the very latest high-tech gizmos: an isolator switch, which is cleverly disguised as a switch hiding in plain sight, a power screen wash, a brand spanking new steel exhaust system, left and right hand side glovebox lid, giving easy access to all the high-tech electronics which are neatly fitted behind the original dashboard. (Yes, the previous owner was and still is a Morris anorak).
The car is fitted with the correct Everflex roof, Tonneau cover and has for brand-new tyres which are covered less than 600 miles. Fitted with its original raised silver on black number plates.
The engine bay, block, interior and coachwork in general are clean enough to “eat your dinner off” though I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but if that is your intention, please do it after you’ve paid for the car, particularly if you’re a Pescatorian. (Google that, it’s not a religion)
Needless to say that this lovely Morris starts on the touch of a button, (actually the turn of the key) and everything functions beautifully: gearbox, brakes, handbrake, heater, lights et cetera et cetera et cetera. The engine is particularly satisfying to listen to, and the vehicle was used as an everyday family car until our acquisition (I did say that the family was Morris mad).

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