Series 3 109 Van Petrol VWV191Y Snow White 1982 #180

Series 3 109 Van Petrol VWV191Y Snow White 1982 #180

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Series 3 109 Van Petrol VWV191Y Snow White 1982 #180

This fine example of the long wheelbase Series III petrol van dates from the era when British Leyland was not yet completely crippled by industrial action.

Margaret Thatcher “the Iron Lady” was Prime Minister, may she rust in peace, her genius son Mark got lost in the Sahara in the Paris Dakar rally, but was unfortunately found after 6 days, the miners decided not to carry on their strike after a 10% pay increase, Laker Airways collapses leaving 6000 passengers stranded, corporal punishment at school is banned, an Argentinian scrap dealer raises an Argentinian flag on a tiny island of South Georgia in a place nobody had heard of called the Falkland Islands.

God’s Banker, Roberto Calvi is found hanging under a bridge in London, Tony Blair loses an election (the only one in his long political career), production of the Ford Cortina comes to an end.. And the world population learns a new name: Exocet.

So basically not much has changed in world politics

This was a year in which this Series III was first registered.
Very complete, fitted with the original hardtop and with all the correct instrumentation, Snow White comes with its ignition keys and a completely original drivetrain, a chassis that will need some attention, and excellent dashboard with all the correct switchgear, and some entirely inappropriate Recaro seats (like you need sports seats in a series 3!). The original seats are in the back with a whole heap of other spares. A new rear cross member has been fitted at some point. There are minor perforations in the bulkhead, and the front dumb irons are made of Swiss cheese. All the galvanised metal work, windscreen surround, and panels are excellent. The drivetrain is totally original, including the correct Solex carburettor, and we are told the vehicle drove correctly when laid up having covered what we believe to be a genuine 88,000 miles from new.
NOTE: the truck now has a green bonnet as in the later pictures, not the white one.

The car is totally rust free: that is to say that all the rust comes with the vehicle for free.
It is supplied with a small empty can of rust preventer which was found in the back of the vehicle. Carbon dating of this item places it to be of the late 80s era, and obviously the previous owner overestimated the manufacturers claim, and underestimated the required quantity. This car is a restoration project that will need to be collected on a trailer, hence the bargain price. The purchaser will have to apply for a replacement V5

you can see a you tube video here:

no rust moths were hurt during the making of this film

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